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Immersion Blog

A collection of articles, thoughts, and actual neurological measurements from the Immersion team.

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Emotional Hormesis - Why Stress Is Often Beneficial

Did you know a certain amount of stress can actually be beneficial to well-being and productivity?...

The Neuroscience of Giving & Generosity

Ever wonder why giving a gift feels so warm and fuzzy? It all starts with the brain! 

Emotional Fitness and Dementia

Quality social relationships can reduce the risk of dementia, and Immersion's new Tuesday app can...

Machine learning identifies hit songs - 97% accuracy

Predicting hit songs in notoriously difficult. Researchers have now applied machine learning (ML)...

Dr. Paul Zak Speaks on the Science of Gratitude

Immersion Neuroscience’s very own Dr. Paul Zak recently appeared on “The Glenn Beck Program” to...

Forbes Article Cites Immersion to Disprove Common Myth

Forbes’ Shane Snow recently wrote about the common myth of the 8-second human attention span, and...

Examining Pandemic Purchase Regret

Did you make a pandemic purchase you regret? Our co-founder, Dr. Jorge Barraza spoke with Alex...