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Want your Customers to Notice Your Brand? Listen to What They are Saying First.

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In AdWeek's article, “The Evolving Conversation on Health and Wellness” we discuss the recent shift in the online space on health and wellness. Over the past two plus years, this shift expanded from its initial focus on diet and exercise to include topics such as supplements, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, body image, mental health, nutrition, and more. 

As people's goals and approaches to wellness have changed, so have the products and technologies they seek out. Instead of opting for weight loss teas and waist trainers, people are purchasing athletic athleisure that makes them feel good and fitness sensors that track their progress during everyday activities.

Research done by Adweek in collaboration with The Twitter Conversation Report showed that personal health stories particularly drive the public conversation on Twitter. 

People are now more willing to talk about the mental health issues they may be facing and are turning to their networks and communities to seek insights and support."  - AdWeek

While the health and wellness space has been active for many years, there is a visible shift in the pre-pandemic era's reactive tone to a more proactive and empowered one. People are looking for ways of improving and supporting one another. 

"For example, people on Twitter posted 1.4 million mental health-related tweets over the past year - that's a 4-percentage point increase in the share of voice year-over-year. Mental health has grown markedly as a topic of conversation among consumers, and since 2020 there has been at least a 30% leap in tweet impressions, retweets and replies to tweets.” - AdWeek

People are building communities online and finding like-minded people in the health and wellness space. This expansion has also given companies a chance to be a part of the growing conversation and to engage with the community, especially since people are eager to hear from the brands they care about: 

“Brands that have effectively engaged in the health and wellness conversation experienced an 83% increase in impressions, a 44% leap in retweets and a 73% increase in likes on their posts.” - AdWeek

Consumers have started to approach health and wellness more holistically. They are considering mental health is a “growing piece of the puzzle.”

So, brands and marketing agencies should also consider widening their understanding of wellness to keep up with the expanding and only growing industry and the norms. 

Businesses have an excellent opportunity to jump in on the conversation, boosting their visibility and understanding consumer behaviors through the invaluable insights provided by the increased use of various technologies that people use to track and share their progress.

One way companies can stay relevant and build closer relationships with their customers is by understanding what they love.

This is exactly where Immersion can help!

By identifying what makes your customers happy and what they enjoy - you can create brand experiences they will love.

Immersion provides an accurate, scientific understanding of crucial aspects of people's well-being while engaging with content or in real-life experiences, like meetings, events, or conferences.

Immersion uses the smartwatches they already wear to measure their neurologic connection in real-time with no disruption to their experience. 

With Immersion, you receive data on people's levels of connection and psychological safety. This data is highly valuable in understanding how your customers are feeling and how the experience has impacted their psychological well-being. 

After 20+ years of peer-reviewed scientific development, Immersion is easy to use and accurate. And with this invaluable data, you can create content that genuinely captivates people, creating safe and happier environments, and add value to their lives by creating experiences they would remember and cherish. 

If you want to be a part of and meaningfully contribute to the ever-growing conversation around health and wellness, try Immersion today! 


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