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Immersion embraces World Mental Health Day

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Everyone agrees that mental health is important.

Especially at work. It’s essential to high-functioning teams, sustaining job satisfication, and decreasing turnover.

The difficult part? How do we know when there's a problem?

Many companies rely on self-reporting measures to determine employees' mental wellness. Surveys to assess burnout, engagement, fatigue and more. 

But - as we see again and again - surveys poorly reflect peoples' true mental health. 

Vulnerable populations - like frontline workers or employees who struggle with depression or anxiety - are unlikely to accurately report their mental state.

The reasons are endless: it could seem like a sign of weakness; it could feel aspirational to report they are doing better than they feel; or they simply might not have the capacity to engage and report only averages on their surveys. 

In a recent study done by Dr. Paul J. Zak at Claremont Graduate University using the Immersion platform, Immersion's metrics accurately predicted low mood and low energy in 2 days in advance with 98% accuracy. This creates an opportunity to intervene before a mental health crisis occurs. 

As labor shortages plague the entire world, it is essential to keep employees emotionally healthy and satisfied in their jobs. Measurement - and measuring what matters - is the key step in sustaining productivity and revenue. Companies need to give employees the right measurement technology to maintain their emotional wellness before they move on or move out. 


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