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2 min read

Going Forward By Starting Backwards

The American Psychological Association christened the 2000s "The Decade of Behavior."  They even invited me to give a...

2 min read

Psychological Safety & Measuring Readiness

Are you ready?

Ready to learn. Ready to excel.  Ready to win.

A few years ago, the BBC asked me why the New Zealand...

1 min read

Tech Trends Embrace the Future With These Latest Meeting Planner Trends


Planners can gather biometric data via wearable devices, but attendees may become self-conscious about them and...

3 min read

If Content Is King, Why Do Most Shows Play The Fool?

Content is king. 

Quick quiz: who coined this phrase?  Movie mogul Louis Mayer? Director George Lucas of Star Wars...

2 min read

How Do You Prove The ROI of Corporate Training?

Great trainers are artists.  You may have seen a few of these: everything they present comes alive and tattoos itself...

2 min read

I Believe in Software Not Slides

There was a time when answers were delivered to you on paper, or in a PowerPoint slide deck.  If you wanted to know...

3 min read

Four Ways to Shorten the OODA Loop in Training

"Do you mind getting beat up a bit?" 

The question made perfect sense when Lt. Lopez said that the "enemy combatants"...

1 min read

The Risks of Using AI to Interpret Human Emotions

What do people really feel?

This has never been an easy thing for companies to determine. For one thing, emotions are...

Podcast: Predicting Market Outcomes

Paul talks with our friends Derek Lundsten and Todd Staples about Immersion Neuroscience and it’s ability to accurately...

Measuring Live Meeting Engagement

"The challenge with meeting engagement is that it’s really, really tough to measure. Conference planners look at...