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2 min read

The Neuroscience of Disneyland

Pirates of the Caribbean—that's easily the best ride at Disneyland. At least for me.

Southern Californians have an...

1 min read

On Being One's Own Rabbit

On Being One's Own Rabbit is the title of a 1927 article by British scientist and mathematician J.B.S. Haldane...

1 min read

5 Ways to Create Immersive Training@ Training Magazine

The editors at Training Magazine asked me if I could identify best practices from the training data collected by...

2 min read

Face Freaks

It was such a great idea.  Capture people's emotional states from facial twitches.

Humans are face freaks.  When...

1 min read

How to Optimize Training with Immersion @TD Magazine

TD Magazine invited me to write an article discussing what our clients have learned using the Immersion platform to...

2 min read

Sweating the Data?

I love to sweat.  When working out.

In my academic lab, we measure arousal responses using small changes in electrical...

2 min read

Why not EEG?

That's me and Dr. Jorge Barraza, Immersion's co-founders, calibrating a high-density electroencephalogram (EEG). ...

3 min read

Neuromyths Debunked

Immersion is full of neuro-nerds. In the last 15 years I've done about 10,000 blood draws to measure neurochemicals in...

5 min read

Immersion & Pandora Collaborate to Predict Hits

The Problem

Every day, 24,000 new songs are released worldwide. Every day. That's 168,000 new songs every week.   ...

3 min read

The Science of Superfans

Superfans are thrilled by an experience and they respond in an oversized way.  The scientists at Immersion wondered if...