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Immersion is the #1 Major Neuromarketing Platform

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Mordor Intelligence recently came out with the Global Neuromarketing growth and trends

Neuromarketing Rankings - Mordor

report. In the competitive landscape - Immersion Neuroscience is #1!

According to Mordor:

"Regarding market share, few players dominate with the rising demand for neuromarketing applications and technological advancement across emerging economies." 


We are thrilled to rise to the top of this elite list as a neuromarketing application that is accurate, easy to use and affordable!

This is a particularly meaningful accolade now, as the face of neuromarketing is changing so drastically. 

As we know, Facial Coding has come under scrutiny with companies like Microsoft ceasing work on the technology and government agencies straying away from using it. 

Immersion avoids the issues plaguing other neuromarketing techniques with our easy to use platform that measure brains using only the smart watch that consumers wear every day! 

And the data Immersion gives users will predict future customer actions with over 80% accuracy - a claim that far exceeds the accuracy of other neuromarketing tools.

If you want to know more - you can see how Immersion stacks up to other neuromarketing practices HERE

If you've been thinking about using neuromarketing to measure your audiences so that you can design both content and experiences your audience will love - it's never been easier! 

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