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The Neuroscience of Good Storytelling

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From the Future of Storytelling

Our very own Dr. Paul Zak was on the Future of Storytelling podcast! 

Read the transcript or listen as Dr. Zak discusses the importance of storytelling to capture the connection with your audience's brains. 

Here's a quick overview:

Creators, marketers, and other storytellers have long wondered: could there ever be an objective measurement of how moving our stories are to audiences? Neuroscientist and tech entrepreneur Paul J. Zak says yes— and he's studied 50,000 brains to back up his claims. Paul shares science-based insights on what makes stories effective from his new book, "Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of Happiness," on this episode of the FoST podcast. 

From the podcast: 

Right. First, you've got to get my attention, and then you've got to get me to care. So the attention precedes the caring part. But then they flow together. And what's super cool from a science perspective is that two core neurochemical components seem to be part of this valuation mechanism. - Dr. Paul Zak 

Read more or listen to the podcast HERE or anywhere you get your podcasts!


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