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Immersion Blog

A collection of articles, thoughts, and actual neurological measurements from the Immersion team.

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PRODUCT UPDATE: Sharing Measurements

You can now SHARE your Immersion results with a click! 

Immersion is a pretty impressive tool (if...

AVOID THE CREATIVE CRAPSHOOT: What can we know for sure?

I worked at marketing agencies for over thirteen years. And I loved the chaos.

Build better! Get smarter data to understand your users

The journey of product builders and app designers all starts the same: a spark of inspiration! 


New feature alert! Measure multiple pieces of content in one Immersion Experience with Reels. 


The Great Resignation is Here! What does Psychological Safety have to do with it?

According to Forbes, 40% of employees are thinking about quitting their jobs. The time is now for...

Building Trust Remotely

I was privileged to have a LinkedIn Live conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Hull, the Education Director...

Using Immersion to Optimize UX

Retailers are battling each other to capture sales online. Prices matter, but so do services such...