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Immersion Stands Alone in Neuro-marketing

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In today's competitive marketplace, it's essential that businesses fully understand their customers' needs – and there’s no better way to do that than by utilizing cutting-edge neuromarketing techniques. Neuromarketing uses neuroscience methodologies to measure consumer emotional responses to marketing in order to influence their behavior. 

Unfortunately, lab-based neuromarketing techniques like fMRI and EEG simply do not predict market outcomes. This has led many companies to conclude that the bloom is off the neuromarketing rose... 

But, Immersion changed all that

Immersion is the world's first and only Neuroscience as a Service (NaaS) platform that lets anyone measure what the brain loves in real-time, whenever and wherever people are doing interesting things. We do this by applying algorithms in the cloud to signals pulled from smartwatches and fitness sensors that people already own – no fancy, medical grade hardware is needed. The Immersion platform gives users a single overall neural measure showing how much the brain values marketing materials, second-by-second.  

The Immersion platform is affordable, practical, scalable, and most importantly, was purpose-built to do a single thing: accurately predict market outcomes. 

This is why Immersion is number one in neuromarketing.

Mordor Intelligence's "Global Neuromarketing Market" analyzes and ranks neuromarketing companies worldwide. Their report concluded that Immersion is the best neuromarketing platform:

 Screen Shot 2023-03-24 at 11.10.22 AM


Want to know if your marketing is moving people? Maybe it’s time you give Immersion a try.


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