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Neuroscience News

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Walmart Launches Major Employee Mental Health Support Initiative In the midst of America's "behavioral health crisis" - this is what we love to see.

Our emotional fitness is just as important as our physical fitness. Programs like this form Walmart are the future of work.

We created Wondr (https://www.wondr.cx/) to passively and continuously monitor employee's emotional fitness to predict emotions up to two days in advance with over 96% accuracy.

Combined with intervention programs - like the work Walmart is doing - we can transform the way people work. Hats off to trail blazers who are making the workplace a better place for us all! Read More. 



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What Neuroscience Reveals About Employee Experience

Experiences matter for employees and customers.

So what makes a great experience? 

That's what Dr. Paul Zak discussed...

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FREE CHAPTER DOWNLOAD: Brains know what makes great ads.

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Wondr Fights the Loneliness Epidemic

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a report highlighting the negative health impacts of loneliness.

 “‘We now...