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Fight the Loneliness Epidemic With Neuroscience

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U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a report highlighting the negative health impacts of loneliness.

 “‘We now know that loneliness is a common feeling that many people experience. It’s like hunger or thirst. It’s a feeling the body sends us when something we need for survival is missing,’ Murthy told the Associated Press" (Seitz, 2023). 

The report noted that loneliness increases the risk of premature death by nearly 30%, as those with poor social relationships are known to have greater risk of stroke, heart disease, depression, anxiety, and dementia (Seitz, 2023).

In searching for solutions to the challenges presented by social isolation, Murthy asks the question:

“'How do we design technology that strengthens our relationships as opposed to weaken them?'” (Seitz, 2023).

One technological solution is Tuesday – an personal app powered by Immersion Neuroscience that continuously and objectively measures the value of every social experience.

Tuesday uses your smartwatch to measure your brain's connection to the world around you. It reminds you to seek out joyful connections that help you meet your daily wellness goals to build emotional fitness. 

“How can that be possible?” you may be asking.

It's possible because Immersion’s technology measures the electrical signatures of oxytocin and dopamine – the primary social bonding chemicals that serve as key indicators of wellness.

What's more amazing? Tuesday measures  these electrical signatures using common wearable devices like Apple Watches and Whoop's, making neuroscience accessible for millions.

Tuesday democratizes neuroscience to measure wellness, drive joyful social connections, and eliminate the negative health impacts of loneliness.

With Tuesday - you can measure your social connections every day, track your wellness goals for emotional fitness and build a healthier, happier life by measuring what you love. 

We are still building Tuesday and rolling it out to a few, lucky beta testers.

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