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Immersion Blog

Creating Extraordinary Customer Experiences

After two days, I resolved that Canberra is the world's most boring city.  That is why I went...

Best Practices When Running Remote Meetings

The global pandemic has forced meetings, teaching, and training to be remote.  Running a remote...

What Your Brain Wants To Watch

News or entertainment?

Size Matters. How Facebook & Immersion Figured Out What People Love

The largest advertiser in the world, consumer products company Proctor & Gamble, cut their...

Your Virtual Events are the New TV

Will your attendees stay tuned or click away? 

The Power of Distributed Neuroscience

Fears of the COVID-19 variant of the coronavirus are impacting all unnecessary gatherings,...

Fewer Brains Mean Bigger Data

Many companies built their reputations on surveying a thousand or more people to capture...

Getting Schooled: How Immersion Works in the Classroom

At Immersion, we are "on the ground" technologists.  By that I mean we have partners not clients.

Why We Remember

The first time you met your life partner.  Birth of your child.  The destruction and death of...