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A collection of articles, thoughts, and actual neurological measurements from the Immersion team.

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Peloton - AND Chris Noth - Fire Back

Remember that controversial Peloton ad wayyyy back in the "before-times" of 2019?

80's nostalgia and wacky humor drive immersion in ryan reynolds' new aviation ad

Ryan Reynolds is at it again . . . so you know we had to measure the Immersion! 

Oxytocin Forms Attachments to Products, Building Customer Loyalty

Loyalty. It is among the most valued traits in our friends and also what brands strive to create...

You're Measuring the Wrong Thing.

We all know vanity metrics exist. We talk about them with disdain, yet we still analyze them and...

Beer, tacos & bad ads: immersion for marketers

This week, we all emerged from our early-fall hibernation to attend an Immersion-hosted happy hour!

Data meets science in germany!

Immersion proudly continues our support for the startup community! So, after Denver Startup Week...

Does Brady's Hertz Commercial stand up to internet hype?

Hertz is adding electric vehicles to its fleet and it’s making quite a stir.

10 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your Holiday Ad

Oh, the holidays. The winter holiday season is the make or break time to hit sales targets for many...

Is NBA Lane the best sports ad ever?

AdWeek calls ‘NBA Lane’ “one of the best sports ads ever." Created to celebrate the 75th...