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How to Optimize Training with Immersion @TD Magazine

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TD Magazine invited me to write an article discussing what our clients have learned using the Immersion platform to optimize the delivery and impact of training.  The article explains that the problem with post-training surveys is that people lie.  Yes, shocking! People have great difficulty identifying the value of training and how it can be improved because value comes from the unconscious and emotional regions of the brain.  This is why measuring neural activity during training is absolutely necessary.

The article has an overview of the science my team did to identify neurologic immersion and why it predicts outcomes so accurately (hint: drugs were involved). In collaboration with our friends at Accenture (especially Bob Gerard, check out his wonderful Learning Geeks podcast), I was able to identify approaches that drive up immersion and therefore information recall and enjoyment during training. These are especially important today when nearly all training is virtual. But, be warned: these practices are what works on average. To ensure your meetings and training are effective for every attendee, immersion needs to be measured every time. Otherwise, you can hope that your meeting was effective or depend on those nifty post-event surveys.... don’t get me started!

You can read the entire article at TD Magazine.


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What Neuroscience Reveals About Employee Experience

Experiences matter for employees and customers.

So what makes a great experience? 

That's what Dr. Paul Zak discussed...

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FREE CHAPTER DOWNLOAD: Brains know what makes great ads.

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Wondr Fights the Loneliness Epidemic

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a report highlighting the negative health impacts of loneliness.

 “‘We now...