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Measure. Love. That is one of our guiding principles here at Immersion. we want you to be able to measure your audiences attention and emotional response to compelling content. And we want you to love using Immersion any time, anywhere.

Why We Remember

The first time you met your life partner.  Birth of your child.  The destruction and death of 9/11/2001. They are seared into your memory. 

The Neuroscience of Failed Product Launches

In the 1980’s Coca-Cola was losing market share to Pepsi. The solution, the Coke people thought,...

Podcast: Predicting Market Outcomes

Paul talks with our friends Derek Lundsten and Todd Staples about Immersion Neuroscience and...

Measuring Live Meeting Engagement

"The challenge with meeting engagement is that it’s really, really tough to measure. Conference...

Meetings Today Podcast with Bishop-McCann powered by Immersion

Meetings Today’s Tyler Davidson talks with Bishop-McCann’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ...

Bishop-McCann Return on Experience powered by Immersion

Bishop-McCann powered by Immersion Neuroscience has now created: Return on Experience.

Immersion at CableLabs Innovation Showcase 2019, presented by UpRamp

People don’t always tell the truth – watch this video to see 5 examples of how Immersion ...