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Neuroscience-as-a-Service: Democratizing Neuroscience

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Neuroscience is awesome! Also, very complicated.   Specially trained scientists need a lab and lots of expensive equipment to figure out what the brain is doing. Especially human brains.

True and not true. I run a neuroscience lab and I have a lot of expensive equipment and a gaggle of smart graduate students. But, I really wanted to open up neuroscience to everyone. That's why I, along with our other founders, built Immersion Neuroscience.   I also wanted to get neuroscience out of the lab and into places where people were having amazing experiences. The Immersion platform enables anyone to measure what the brain values second-by-second for any number of people in real time. We do this by applying algorithms in the cloud to data from smart watches. We call this Neuroscience-as-a-Service (NaaS).

By measuring everything the brain does, my team and I identified the neural signals that consistently predict individual behaviors and market outcomes. We did a lot of science for a long time and published our findings so other neuroscientists could critique them. They did, and we listened, and we did more science. Twenty years in the lab to figure out how the brain values an experience. Then, we listened to clients and made it easy and fun to measure Immersion for anyone who creates and consumes content.

Here is how Immersion's clients get the most from the platform. First, start small. Immersion metrics provide clear signals for the direction one should take during content creation for as few as six people. Measure immersion for storyboards, scripts, a partial melody or bass line, table reads, rough cuts of videos, or rehearsals of presentations, lectures, or training. Choose the version with the highest immersion and refine the output. Test the next version and extend immersion peaks and reduce or eliminate immersion dead spots. Continue this process until you are ready to test market your content. Now collect 35 people to experience it and use the Immersion metrics to predict how well your content will do in the market and identify your superfans who will spread the word for you.

Immersion lives in the cloud and is super easy to use every day. Neuroscience is really awesome! Contact us for a demo today to see how the Immersion platform can ensure your content is always astonishingly great.


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