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5 Ways to Create Immersive Training@ Training Magazine

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The editors at Training Magazine asked me if I could identify best practices from the training data collected by Immersion's clients. Excellent idea! Immersion is a prediction engine, so I reviewed anonymized data to identify training that generated high immersion.   Across several analyses, we have found the correlation between immersion and recall runs from 0.60-0.70.   In human-speak, this means if one delivers high immersion training, participants will remember more of the content weeks later. I contacted learning architects at companies that consistently generated high immersion and asked them to share how they structured their training.  The approaches they shared with me are immediately applicable now that the majority of training is being done remotely.

For you science nerds, the article also includes a discussion of neural basis of long-term memory formation and explains why emotional resonance is essential to facilitate information recall. I hope you will find it useful in your practice. Read the article here.


7 min read

Music in Advertising: A Top 20 hit will not save your ad.

Every so often you hear about a brand dropping a huge sum of money to secure a famous song in their ad to make their...

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"They're Gonna Want You Dead" - Ladder's Tagline Drives Tension and Immersion in their new Spot

"They're gonna want you dead," claims the tagline from Ladder in a new ad. 

Death isn't usually something life...

3 min read

Better Customer Experiences Create Happier Lives

Finally! Some great news about aging! 

As we get older - our happiness increases, thanks in part to increased release...