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UNBIASED FEEDBACK: The french fry edition

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THE GREAT FRY-OFF! At Immersion, we are not quite ready to give up the gluttony of the holidays . . . so let's talk about French Fries!

Well . . . french fry ads to be exact. 

Fast food fries are an incredibly crowded vertical with challenger brands fighting for space against behemoth McDonalds. So we thought this was an interesting place to get research on how consumers feel about all the ads fighting for emotional connection in the hopes viewers will end up in their drive thru. 

To get that unbiased feedback - we went right to the source: our brains. We measure Immersion, not attention, because we don't care for those vanity metrics.  

So we measured our brains with Immersion while watching ads from Arby'sThe Wendy's Company and   to see what our brains loved the most. 

Wendy's - a challenger brand - especially in the fry category - performed the highest with a score of 88 that started and stayed about the 80's for the whole ad! There was a bit of storytelling involved - and we KNOW our brains love that. Check out the full measurement here: https://lnkd.in/gVGA-iaM

McDonalds, a category leader, was a close second with an Immersion score of 78 (53 is the norm for this kind of content). This ad was interesting because - as a non-challenger brand - McD's was advocating that customers get TWO orders of fries so they don't have to share. Something other brands with less-well-known fries couldn't try on their own. Check out the full #measurement here: https://lnkd.in/gFn9QDhK

Lastly - Arby's did not perform as highly as the other two, likely because their ad was more of announcement. This Immersion score was 46 - 7 points below average. Perhaps because we know them as "They have the meats?? They reminded us again in this ad. Check out the full #measurement here: https://lnkd.in/gPTdZCer

Interested in measuring some of your own ads? 


At the link above, you can measure any ad right now for free and get that unbiased feedback you need!

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