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The Power of Distributed Neuroscience

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Fears of the COVID-19 variant of the coronavirus are impacting all unnecessary gatherings, including attending conferences and date nights at the movie theater.  While many of us are now working from home, how is this impacting industries where gathering groups of people are the core of their business?

Researchers who bring people together to answer questions about pre-release entertainment, advertising campaigns, and many other topics are in a pickle.  Inevitably fewer people will be willing to congregate for research purposes, even if they are paid well.  This is especially true for traditional neuroscience research in which participants are trapped for several hours in a laboratory. How will research move forward if research subjects cannot be recruited?

The solution is distributed neuroscience. The Immersion platform works anywhere.  This means researchers can send content to people and collect neurologic data using Immersion's mobile app.  Ensure virtual focus groups provide you with the best data by measuring neurologic responses in real-time. All participants need is a Fitbit -like sensor or an Apple watch and you can get real-time, distributed neuroscience.

The best part is that Immersion predicts the market impact of entertainment, training, and advertising with 80% or greater accuracy by measuring what matters: how much the brain values an experience.  Immersive experiences drive people to take actions, motivate social sharing, and are easily remembered.

Immersion is the only way to do distributed neuroscience, giving you the best data as a key part of your creative process.  

Setup a demo today.  See how your team can start running neuroscience over Zoom or keeping your virtual market research and virtual focus group efforts on track with Immersion.


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