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Scott Brown

Scott has spent the past 25 years building startups as a founder and investor from idea to multiple exits. Creating passionate teams to change the world of messaging, compliance, and corporate venture/startup engagement. Scott brings deep experience in Enterprise SaaS.

Writer from Kia - Ad Breakdown

Last week our friends at Kia Motors spent $11M on their new Writer ad. Was it worth it? Let's find...

The secret to identifying new market segments

As a brand leader, your ultimate goal is to grow market share for your product.  And when you boil...

Do I want Market Research, Consumer Insights, or Content Prediction?

These terms of art get thrown around a lot in conversations I am having with customers and partners.

Your Virtual Events are the New TV

Will your attendees stay tuned or click away? 

I Believe in Software Not Slides

There was a time when answers were delivered to you on paper, or in a PowerPoint slide deck.  If...