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I Believe in Software Not Slides

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There was a time when answers were delivered to you on paper, or in a PowerPoint slide deck.  If you wanted to know your monthly sales, a person printed it out on big sheets of green and white striped paper for you to review.  If you wanted to dig deep into your product plan for the next year, someone sent you a slide deck.

Today, the world has changed.  We get our information in real-time from tools and applications designed for that specific purpose.  Salesforce, Product Board, SAP, and many others have shown us that software really is eating the world.

And yet, when you want to predict how your customers are likely to respond to a new movie trailer or TV pilot, your only choice has been to send it off to some expert propeller-head and wait for them to send you a PowerPoint slide.  That was the old way.  And it made sense a couple years ago, right?  You weren’t going to buy a giant fMRI machine or setup a lab with EEG caps and try to decipher all those squiggly lines into some “insight”.  That was the realm of PhD’s, and consultants.

Those days are gone. 

Welcome to the world of Neuroscience for Everyone and Software not Slides.

The ability to understand and predict your customers future behavior is like a superpower for your business.  But it has been locked up behind consultants. 

When I joined Immersion, we decided to put a stake in the ground and commit to a world where true neuroscience was accessible to everyone.  After years of peer-reviewed and customer-proven science, Immersion is now able to let you run your own neuroscience studies against any content you like, any time, and anywhere.  Freeing you from the consultant and slideware trap and allowing you to integrate real customer insights into your daily workflow.

Immersion has been proven to predict customer behaviors like TV viewership, song streaming, retail purchases, and information recall – all with over 80% accuracy.  And you can do it with no hassle, right in your office.  Or even better, you can measure customer immersion where they are in the world:  at an event, in a store, at a car dealership, or on the phone.

Our simple SaaS model, and easy to use dashboard allows you to integrate customer prediction into your daily workflow.  Many of our customers are using us right in the edit suite to ensure that content is high in immersion before commercial breaks, or in the critical first 60 seconds of a song.  Understanding how your customers brain will respond to a media experience is a critical new capability for content creators, like you.

Learn more about how we are revolutionizing TV, Movies, and Music.  Be sure to schedule a demo today, and let’s get you on the path to picking hits with more consistency and confidence.