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Too many decisions in your day? Take care of your brain!

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After a day of making decisions turns into a week of it - the brain fog can be REAL. Constant gut checks, analyzing spreadsheets of information and meetings on meetings to discuss what you “know for sure” exhausts our brains.

At Immersion - you know we love brains (obviously . . . . we built a nueromarketing platform all about helping to make easier, quicker and more correct decisions to keep your brain calm!)

But keeping yourself (and your brain!) in tip-top shape is the most important part of it all!

Protecting our brains’ ability to make decisions again and again is paramount to continued success. But it takes a toll when we do it all day long. When making good decisions for your brand is part of your work - how can you take care of yourself?

According to Hackensack Meridian Health, Sleep helps our brains rest and come back refreshed. Getting 7-9 hours every night, having a regular sleep routine and going to bed nearly the same time every night helps your body and brain rest and refresh.

Keeping your brain engaged helps too - making sure your brain is getting challenged in new and different ways instead of just repeating the same mundane tasks day in and day out.

Being physically active is a great way to take breaks from the monotony of decisions while getting some fresh oxygen and energy to your brain.

Treat your brain well and it will treat you back!

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