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PRODUCT UPDATE: Sharing Measurements

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You can now SHARE your Immersion results with a click! 

Immersion is a pretty impressive tool (if we do say so ourselves). Of course it  provides deep, accurate, immediate insights to how your audience's brains react to your content. But Immersion also allows you to say cool, science-y things things like "according to my neuroscience research based on the peripheral nervous system's reaction to oxytocin and other brain chemicals" in your next meeting ... or provocative phrases like "I can read minds" at the neighborhood dinner party. 😎


And now, you can SHOW everyone! With our latest update, we made it easier than ever to share your results.


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You can create a link to share with others by simply clicking the arrow in the top right corner of the results page on your Immersion Dashboard. This will create a link that you can send to your boss, forward to your team, or even post on social. The results will be viewable by anyone who clicks the link, but no personal data about the participants will be shared. Your viewers will not need to have an Immersion account to check out what you share.  


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So spread the neuro-nerdiness far and wide. Show all of your friends and co-workers that you can read minds in your next meeting and on your Linkedin page. And go ahead and drop that impressive knowledge in a quick email to your boss. 


Neuro onward!

The Immersion Team


If you have any questions or thoughts about our new sharing feature that you would like to share with us, please contact us at success@getimmersion.com!


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