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Sustain High Performance With Psychological Safety

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Teamwork: is it hard or easy?

It depends who is on your team, your objectives, deadlines, and sometimes even the day of the week (TGIF anyone?). Most work colleagues are there to be part of something great, but even the most enthusiastic get tired, hungry, and have personal lives (gasp!) that can burn neural bandwidth. So how can you get every team member immersed in so they can reach their goals?

Trust between team members is essential for high performing teams and directly enhances immersion at work. In the cover story of the February 2021 issue of TD at Work (paywall), my colleague Dr. Ken Nowack and I discuss why psychological safety is the prerequisite to high performance and provide specific actions that leaders can use to sustain psychological safety.  The editors at TD Magazine summarized the leadership behaviors we identified  to maintain psychological safety as: Connect, Involve, and Support. Those actions are a great start.

But, measurement must precede actions. Building a high performance team requires having the right metrics. You could survey colleagues and find out what they want you to hear. Or, you can passively capture psychological safety second by second on the Immersion platform and really find out when your team needs your input to focus, immerse and perform. And, honestly can you send out a survey every second or every hour?

Harness the power of Distributed Neuroscience to hit your team's performance goals. Some of the largest companies on the planet already do--what are you waiting for?


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