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Your Brain is a Prediction Engine . . . & Market Research has NOTHING on That

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"Neuroforecasting is the practice of using neurophysiology to predict population-wide behaviors from small groups of people," explains Dr. Jorge Barraza with his recent article in Psychology Today.

Neuroforecasting uses neuroscience to predict choices and behavior or large groups of  people. This can be done through measuring brain activity or by using Immersion's platform, which measures neurological data passively using only a smartwatch your audience already wears to create proprietary metrics that paint a picture of neurologic data. 

"[Neuroforecasting] is more efficient and less prone to error than traditional research methods such as surveys and interviews in which large, diverse samples need to be studied." - Dr. Jorge Barraza

Using neuroscience for predictions allows us to predict what large groups or entire populations will do - even if we are only studying a small group of participants. This method is far more efficient with less error-prone results than traditional research studies. 

And interestingly enough for marketers currently using focus groups, surveys or other feedback loops for consumers insights? The results of neuroforecasting tell a far different story. 

"What [people] consciously think and say about a specific product or content often conflicts with what their physiological data tells us." - Dr. Jorge Barraza

This has huge ramifications for marketing, branding, product planning, user experience and more. By using Immersion to study consumers' brains, marketers can make accurate predictions to create ads, design experiences for shoppers, iterate user experience and more. 

This science also has an incredibly powerful place in Public Service Announcements - which are increasingly important in a post-pandemic world. Read more about neuroforecasting in Dr. Jorge Barraza's Psychology Today article. 

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