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Understand How Your Content Will Perform BEFORE You Post.

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Jumping on the recent trend of marketing with memes can be a powerful yet inexpensive way for brands to boost engagement, improve UX, and increase brand reach. 

It seems as though there is a new meme almost every day captivating the internet. Memes grab attention, are relatable to any generation, can be shared instantaneously, and can be harnessed as a powerful marketing tool.

A recent Forbes article revealed a study that showed regular marketing graphics yielded a 5% engagement rate while memes yielded a 60% engagement rate! 

So, why wouldn’t brands want to jump on this meme marketing trend?

Well now, maybe more than ever, brands have to navigate these waters very carefully and be cautiously selective about where they join in on the conversation. We’ve seen the cringeworthy fails brands have made when content they’ve posted accidentally comes off as offensive or tone-deaf. And no brand is immune to the virality of online public shaming that comes along with a bad joke or distasteful post.

“With the added pressure of having literally millions of users who are keen at sniffing out cringe, the stakes are higher—and trickier to navigate—than they may appear.” - AdAge, "New Memes like 'Little Miss' Challenge Brands on Social Media"

So, how are you to capitalize on this effective, inexpensive, and memorable strategy while positioning your brand in a positive light and not becoming the next viral meme fail? 

It’s a familiar conversation we have at Immersion - how to create content you are absolutely SURE will resonate with your audience. 

Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if you could read the minds of your audience and know with certainty how they would connect with your content?  Or, even better, predict with over 80% accuracy what action the audience would take after they saw it?

Enter Immersion - a proven, peer-tested neuroscience tool that does just that! 

Immersion's personal neuroscience platform is for brand strategists, insights professionals, and marketing leaders who want their work to be remembered . . .  in a good way! 

Immersion empowers brands to pre-test content and obtain reliable neuroscience results to understand how it will perform in market. Immersion gives you the confidence to launch your next marketing campaign without the fear of becoming that next viral failure!

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