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Need to Trim a Live Event? Duplicate - Don't Lose Data!

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You ever send an email too soon and JUST.WANT.IT.BACK? Have your computer crash before you hit save on your presentation? Drop your phone in a puddle and lose all your photos?

It happens to the best of us. 

But it doesn't have to happen to your data! 

After recording a live event with Immersion, we often want to trim our data down to the important parts of the experience and leave the extraneous meet-n-greet, lunchtime, or five-minute-break chatter on the cutting room floor.

But when you've got a full day of Immersion data on 25 people? It's DAUNTING to hit "trim" on your data-filled experience.

That's why we added the "Duplicate" feature - so you can leave your nerves on the cutting room floor too. 

With the "Duplicate" feature - you can copy an entire experience and the full data set over to your Experience list and make the trim from the duplicated experience - leaving your original data completely in tact juuuussstttt in case. 

We put together a two-minute video to show you how to use this feature in your dashboard and listed out the steps below. Enjoy trimming your live Immersion clips stress free!

Step 1: On your home screen with all experiences listed; click the three dots to the right of the experience you want to duplicate

Step 2: Scroll down to duplicate

Step 3: Name appropriately and hit DUPLICATE

Step 4: Wait for the loading page to complete and your duplicate experience will appear at the top! Refresh your browser if you don't see it right away. Trim clips in duplicate and preserve the entirety of your original data in the original! 


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