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Data meets science in germany!

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Immersion proudly continues our support for the startup community! So, after Denver Startup Week and Australian’s Sunramp Healthtech Accelerator, it was time to go to Europe. Oldenburg, Germany to be exact. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big theme in Oldenburg - home of a top ranking university for startups in Germany. Immersion was invited to share how we leverage vital signals and machine learning to tap into the power of human emotions.

To illustrate the Immersion platform we invited two brave startups to share their pitch, while measuring (live!) the emotional response of the audience. Just like marketers use the Immersion platform to improve their content marketing or video ads, the startups had the opportunity to analyse how their pitch resonates. 

What can we learn from startups?

As marketers we care for our products. We obsess about the messaging and we collect tons of data about how it resonates with our target audience. 

Wow. Getting automated feedback on what resonated 

with the audience is super powerful. Tim Grossmann, CEO Explo

Founders are like marketers but with their life’s work on the line. That is why they are constantly testing, iterating and optimizing. Tim, one of the founders presenting that night, even updated his pitch based on the Immersion results. Check out his pitch and the Immersion score.


The audience was highly engaged when the founder: 

  • Made it about a real human experiencing their product.
  • Share practical examples about use cases.   
  • Illustrated how they’ll generate revenues.

The audience was less engaged when the founder:

  • Spoke about the organization vs. their business.
  • Explained the slides instead of addressing the audience.
  • Towards the end of the pitch.

Background about the startups.

Explo is an app that uses short-video content, created by authentic locals, to explore places at your own pace and schedule. VetVise uses deep learning and veterinary knowledge to optimize animal health and farm efficiency in livestock farming.