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Build better! Get smarter data to understand your users

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The journey of product builders and app designers all starts the same: a spark of inspiration! 

We start with a great idea - we know everyone is going to adore what we build! We just need to get it DONE and LIVE to the world . . . then they will all love it and we will watch the adoration pour in. 

So we launch into the world, we get a few subscribers. People are liking it! 

And then?

Daily usage flattens. Growth stutters. 

This is all too common when building products, apps, or games for a wide digital audience. How do we translate the brilliant ideas in our heads to something people will want to use every day?

This is where understanding our users comes in to play. It doesn’t matter how great the idea is on paper or in our minds if we can’t build something our audience will truly love. 

Often, to understand our users, we look to surveys or app store ratings for feedback. But these methods can be less than 30% accurate and often skew to the users who loves us the most or detest us the worst. 

With Immersion embedded into your product, you are able to anonymously measure the unconscious connection your users have to your product using only a smartwatch.

Our technology syncs the user experience with their real-time connection to your product - outlining the key areas of success and spaces where you can improve. 

By measuring a unique neurological state we call Immersion - we can predict users behavior with over 80% accuracy and help you optimize your product to increase daily users and improve their experience. 

With a built-in capability to measure Psychological Safety, we can help you improve your alerts to users - encouraging them to take risks in a game, take a break, or push themselves in their physical training depending on their psychological state. 

Immersion is all about understanding your users so you can build better and create more connections with your audience. 

Interested? Check out a few short videos to explain more! 

People lie. Brains don't.

Surveys and rating systems don't do the trick. We need better insights into our users to build better! Watch this three-minute clip to learn how Immersion provides real-time insights to your users so you can capture what captivates and build what they love. 

We are improving products by putting users first!

We've been partnering with innovative builders like you! Check out the amazing things they've done with Immersion. Watch this six-minute clip to hear success stories of Immersion's data powering transformation for our partners and their amazing products.  

Your product will win with Immersion.

You know you need to build for your audience. Don't you think it's time to get to know who they are? Watch this two-minute clip to learn how easily you can improve your product with Immersion's user data.

Happy building!

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