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New feature alert! Measure multiple pieces of content in one Immersion Experience with Reels. 

Find out which pieces of content work best for your business and have the most impact with your audience (and which don’t) in one simple measurement with our brand new Reels. 

Reels release SHORT version

Time is precious and budgets are really never as big as you wish they were. So it is important to make the most of both. With our newest product update, Reels, we are doing just that. 


Ever say to yourself: “I love getting the brilliant and actionable insights from Immersion, but wish I could get measurements for all of the ads I have created for this campaign in one simple step."


Well, we did and it got us thinking...


  • “Wouldn’t it save our users a ton of time if they could simply send out one measurement with numerous pieces of content rather than send out each video on its own?" 
  • "If our clients have already gathered (and likely paid for) their participants' time to watch their content and be measured by Immersion, wouldn't it be so much more efficient for their budget if they were able to show these participants multiple videos at once?"
  • "Since we are such data nerds, and things like order bias keep us up at night... can we create a system that auto-randomizes the content to ensure that we get back clean and powerful insights and ensure our neuros on the team can sleep at night?" (Answer = we can and we did.) 

  • "If we want to be sure that participants do not get overwhelmed, would it be a good idea to put a short pause between each video to ensure participants can reset their mental state for each piece of content?" (Answer = yes it would be a good idea, so we baked it in.) 

Now with Reels you can do all of these things and get the powerful Immersion Neuroscience insights that move beyond bias and tap into what your audience is really thinking on numerous pieces of content in one measurement. And since our team is mostly made up of hard-core data nerds (aka the neuros), we made sure to build in elements that prevent order biases, participant fatigue, and all sorts of other issues that you need to clean up to get good, actionable data. 


So, how do you set up a Reel? Follow the steps below:
1. Create each Experience

Each individual video that you would like to compile into a Reel must be incorporated into its own separate Experience. To create each experience, click the blue “Measure New Experience” button on the top right of your Experiences page and launch it to "live". Repeat this process for each individual video you’d like to include in the Reel!

2. Create the Reel

Once all your Experiences have been created and all videos fully processed, you are ready to put them all together in a Reel. Select the experiences you want to add to the Reel by checking the boxes to the left of each Experience name in your "My Experiences" List. When all of your appropriate experiences are selected, click “Create Reel” on the bottom left of the screen.

Create a Reel-1


3. Confirm the Reel and Determine the Time Window

Give your participants a time window during which they need to watch the Reel. They will watch all the videos in a row in one sitting. Just like with Experiences, you can adjust this window at any time.

4. Invite your participants via email / link

Just like Experiences, you can invite your participants by sending them an email through the Immersion platform OR by sending them a public link to access the Reel.

5. Ta-da, your Reel is ready! Time to watch your results come in!!

Your results will populate in each Experience (or each individual video), NOT the Reel on the Experience Dashboard.

Reels in action


Measure all your content at once!

There you have it, folks! Our brand new Reels feature in a nutshell. We’re super excited about this new feature and believe it will provide a ton of value to our customers, helping them quickly and easily measure what matter to their audience. 

If you’re on the Genius Plan or above, you can start your first Reel right now by following the steps we outlined above. We look forward to hearing all about your successes and lessons learned from running these measurements! If you’re on a Free Trial or a Smart or Clever user, and want to learn more, shoot us a note at success@getimmersion.com and we will help you get going on Genius and Reels.

Go get 'em!



If you have more questions about creating Reels or anything else, please contact us at success@getimmersion.com!



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