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PRODUCT UPDATE: Export to PowerPoint

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Download your Immersion results so you can drop your knowledge into your slide presentations.
We get it. You have a lot to get done in your day. We built Immersion to help you have certainty in your content decisions and to make an impact faster...better. So it is important that sharing the results of your measurements can be done faster and better as well.


To that end, our newest product update allows you to download your Immersion results to PowerPoint and share them in any sort of bigger presentation using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides. Each PPT contains five simply designed, editable slides that show the overall Immersion analysis, audience insights, best & worst moments, and the graph of the minute by minute Immersion. 


Immersion PowerPoint


Downloading is super easy.
  • Head to your dashboard.
  • On the Overview or Analyze tab, look in the top right corner for a downward facing arrow. (Circled in yellow in the example below.)
  • Click on the ↓ and select "Download PPT" from the dropdown.
  • This will start your PowerPoint processing... which will take 5-15 minutes. You will get an email with the file as soon as it is ready. (Check your promotions folder.) 
  • Email the original Powerpoint or drop your slides into your presentation and prepare to impress your team! 

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Neuro onward!

The Immersion Team


If you have any questions or thoughts about our new export to PowerPoint feature, crazy video ads, or fun cupcake recipes that you would like to share with us, please contact us at success@getimmersion.com!


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