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April Brings Product Updates for Immersion

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We've been busy at Immersion and developing some game-changing updates for your Immersion experience - in live experiences, the mobile site and the app!

Here's a quick round up for you. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Connectivity Hubs! No App Download Necessary!

We’ve heard from a lot of our customers who use Immersion to measure audiences during live events and experiences that sometimes they don’t want to have to ask the participants to download a mobile app. It adds extra time and complexity; they want to measure participants in a simpler way.

Well, now there is! After months of work, we’ve developed a “Hub” solution that enables participants to simply put on a fitness tracker and connect directly to a wifi-to-bluetooth device, the "Hub."Untitled design (3)-4

These small pieces of hardware look like a small router, but they are powerful. You can seamlessly connect to up to 60 participants to a single Hub at a distance of up to 30 meters.

Participants simply strap on a band and turn it on. The Hub automatically connects and starts collecting. You’ll see data coming through instantaneously. 

Our clients have already started using the new solution for things like measuring students in a classroom with a single Hub, and conference attendees with multiple hubs in different areas of a much larger space.

If this might move the needle for how you want to use Immersion, or you’d like to learn more about how it works, reach out to chat!


Create & Start Measurement on the Go!

For those of you who want to use Immersion in live settings such as measuring meetings,Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 2.23.16 PM coaching sessions, and other situations where you may not have a laptop or tablet handy: we've got a new feature for you!

We’ve enabled a new mobile web feature that allows you to sign into your account and kick-off a measurement right from your phone’s web browser.

In just two taps, you can create and start an experience anywhere you need. You’ll get a code you can give participants to enter into their Immersion Mobile apps to join, and you’re all off and running. You can even take notes or manually stop the experience from your mobile web browser as well.

Have questions about it? Drop us a line!


Immersion’s Mobile Apps Get an Upgrade!

We’ve been hard at work reducing friction for participants to connect and get their brains measured. While we’re proud of how far our apps have come since we launched just under a year ago, we are always working to make them even better.

Untitled design (5)-4

In our latest app - now available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play - participants who watch videos and/or fill out a survey, can do so right from within our app.

This means less back and forth between our app and a web browser, and a much more seamless experience for your participants.

That’s not all! In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to roll out features meant to enhance the participant experience.

If you’d like a sneak peek or have any questions, we’d be happy to chat! 


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