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Finger Pulse  Measures Participants Using Only a Smartphone. No Smartwatch required!

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Are you having trouble recruiting people for your measurements due to lack of equipment?

Our goal at Immersion is simple: scalable, affordable neuroscience for all. 

So our product was developed to measure the neurological experience of your audience using only a smartwatch. Does it get any easier than that?

Now it does!

Immersion launched Finger Pulse - a feature that allows you to measure participants using only their SmartPHONE. Even if they do not have a smartwatch. That includes 85% of the American population - a HUGE pool of recruitable participants. 

How does it work?

Finger Pulse uses the smartphone's camera and light to detect tiny changes in the heart's rhythm and cycles in your participants through their finger tips to determine their emotional connect to your content.

Your participants simply need to hold their finger over the camera area on their smartphone until the app detects their pulse. Once detected, the app will let the experience proceed and show your participant the content. If the connection with the finger is interrupted (most likely if they remove their finger,) the content will pause and resume only when the connection is restored. 

Due to the continuous connection needed between finger and phone, finger pulse is only available for single viewing content experiences, not live events. 

We've made finger pulse incredibly easy to setup. In fact, it comes as a default on your pre-recorded content experiences! Learn how to use it here: 

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